We all know how much Ubuntu got because of its extremely fast boot. I really like that, but my machine's rather old and other things in Ubuntu such as memory usage and post-installation system size are almost anti-nix. I came from a Ubuntu and Mint background (Linux for beginners) and I was surprised to find my machine did not cost much better with them than with Windows Vista. So, Ubuntu's "father system", Debian, is really better in many aspects to me - lighter for my old computer, more complex so I can get closer to understanding and customizing my system, and, above all else, I'll just install what I really need - so I'm considering Wheezy net install with awesome WM and as few useless things as possible. I've been trying it in a VM and I've really enjoyed it, except for one thing: the boot is Windows-level slow (considering VM limitations, of course). I followed this article on Debian.org but I noticed that most of these things are directed to Squeeze and are default on Wheezy. Looking here I had some doubts:
Is Upstart installable on Debian or a system-exclusive feature that would be incompatible with it? Removing deadwood from initramfs - again, is Ubuntu's initramfs version compatible with Debian? Does that really make a great difference?

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